At BodyWorx, owner and trainer Tania Admans uses functional training to give young athletes the best chance possible to succeed in their chosen sport. In volleyball, that means using several training techniques to maximize a player’s vertical jump.

Functional training in sport

What exactly IS functional training anyway? Young athletes are often coached on traditional exercises to increase their vertical, strength and power, but are these exercises the best way to train to maximize athletic ability? Functional…


Activity key for healthy aging

Every week, close to 500 Londoners ranging in age from their late 50s to their mid-90s go through their paces in a former high school gym across Richmond St. from the main campus of Western…

Getting children active early in life has many benefits, not only for today but for their whole lives!

Make fitness a family affair!

Habits can be very hard to break. That can be a very good thing, however, when you are talking about the kinds of healthier habits that parents can help their children develop right from the…

REV3K is the place to be for getting fit and trim for summer. Whether it’s the Biggest Loser or Revolution program, REV3K produces results!

A great time to get fit!

REV3K is a great place to achieve goals through the different programs that we run. Biggest Loser, which is our 13-week weight loss program, and Revolution, our 6-week program, have been nothing but successful for…

BodyWorx trains several teams in London and surrounding area, including soccer, volleyball, baseball, and lacrosse teams

Weights & Strength Training for young athletes

BodyWorx Trainers Tania and Matt are dedicated to training our young athletes to optimize their abilities and prevent injuries. Strength training plays a large role in building explosive strength and reactiveness, but also in supporting…

The REVKIDS program is a great way to get kids familiar with high intensity training and weight lifting, but without moving weights. And every week the kids learn a new skill!

Rev up your workout

REV3K offers a number of programs, but one you might not know about is a fun program called REVKIDS! Which is offered to kids aged 7 to 11. By the end of the program, some…

Kevin DeLuca, the guru at Sportmax Nutrition, is
a proponent of high-intensity interval training

Creatine for multi-workout recovery

Restoration is critical to any effective training program. Successful athletes train hard, recover, and train hard again. Recovery rates differ between individuals. Slowly recovering athletes are prone to injury, overtraining and slow progress. Creatine monohydrate…

Chantal Before and After

BodyWorx Transformations: training adults like athletes

At BodyWorx we train adults as athletes. Expectations may be different, but training the body to move in new ways and prevent injury is the same. Chantal: Transformation in Progress We chose Chantal to be…

Participants in this year’s Xtreme Warrior Challenge will do battle with a dozen military-inspired obstacles throughout the course

Warrior Challenge for Jesse’s Journey

Calling all Warriors! The Xtreme Warrior Challenge is back – the way it’s meant to be! This year’s event is Saturday, September 24 at Fanshawe Conservation Area – and it’s going to be MUDDY and…