Mixed Martial Arts

The students of Olympic Karate work to be the best they can be, inside and outside of the dojo.

Building Total Confidence

In Karate, we train to be our best and become totally confident of our abilities. Our best means that we are strong, fast, and fit. We are wise enough to acknowledge danger is real, and…


Olympic Karate an Institution

Master Mike Donovan has been teaching karate and martial arts in London for so long that many of his former students are now bringing their own children to learn from the best. Those alumni have…


Competition time for karate athletes

It’s competition season time for the Family Karate Team. First up was the Ontario Provincial Open on February 24-25. The team sent a dozen competitors, from first-timers to veterans. The under black belt divisions saw…


Student Shout-out: Rob Patterson

We want to offer special congratulations to our student Rob Patterson. Although a student at our dojo, Rob is a supply teacher with the Thames Valley District School Board. As a lover of all things…

Yes, there are Black Belts at Olympic Karate. But besides having achieved their top rank in the field of martial arts, they are the leaders and mentors, passing on their knowledge and cultivating good citizens.

What is a Black Belt?

A Black Belt is a white belt that never gave up. It’s a classic saying, and it shows that in order to succeed at any goal you must be disciplined, focused, and have perseverance. So,…

Carter after a match. The talented youngster recently became the Advanced Sparring Grand Champion at Olympic Karate’s Tournament of Champions

I want to be a Black Belt: Carter Patterson

We often have students tell us, “I want to be a Black Belt.” And we encourage all students to set goals and work towards them. But turning a ‘want’ into an achieved goal requires focus…

‘Learn to be your best’ is the mantra at Olympic Karate, and their instructors (who have a wealth of experience) are happy to help Londoners do just that.

Karate cheat codes: discipline and hard work

Ready for the barrage of classic holiday sayings? Like telling you that ‘there is no better time than today,’ and reminding you that ‘the New Year is a great time to set goals.’ And on…

Back to school time means it’s also time to come back to the dojo! Olympic Karate is kicking off its 34th season in London this fall and is excited to see some new faces learning the skills of karate

Back to the dojo

When most use the word ‘dojo’, they are referring to the place where martial arts are practiced and learned. Our classes for children are created to be complimentary to the skills and behaviour required to…

In karate, sparring is a great learning tool. It’s also a fantastic workout, and a great way to bond with peers

Safe sparring a great learning tool

Traditionally, karate is learned in three categories: basics, kata, and sparring. Basics are fundamental moves such as stances, punches and kicks, blocks, and combinations. Kata (literally ‘form’) is an organized set of moves designed to…