Thomas Conway & Aart DeVos – Gold (Men’s Doubles 3.5 – Age 60-69)

Pickleball tourney a hit (Brought to you by Bentley Hearing)

The 5th annual London Pickleball Club Tournament was held in late May at Fanshawe College, and the event brought out 266 participants from all across Ontario for some fantastic (and fun!) competition. With a rated…

London Pickleball players in action

Pickleball for a cause

The London Pickleball Club started four years ago as an invitation-only group of citizens in the community who wanted to play fun and competitive pickleball games. Today, the Club boasts 72 members and hosts an…

St Thomas Pickleball Club 1

Pickleball picking up steam

Pickleball is the fastest growing racquet sport in North America. Plenty of snow birds travel south for the winter where the sport has grown to massive proportions, and once these snow birds make their way…

Peter Singleton, Rose Hill, Norene Clancy, Lucy Wolfe, and Willy Van Tooren

Pickleball picking up steam

You may not have heard of it yet, but one of the fastest-growing sports in Ontario is already a hit at the Huff n’ Puff Seniors Fitness Association of London. It’s called Pickleball, and it…

Pickleball players meet three times a week at the Timken Community Centre in St. Thomas.
Back Row (L-R): John Harbaruk, Wolfgang Fischer, Terry Boss, Christine Boss, Norma Huston, Rod Nicholson
Middle Row (L-R): Dorothy Miskelly, Sharon Harbaruk, Elaine Wood, Bob Jackson, Vicky Carrothers, Joan Lapierre, Helen Hall
Front Row (L-R): Louis Lapierre, Jan Nicholson, Margaret Hunt, Lyn Levandoski, Jane Perry, Dave Hall

New sport takes off in St. Thomas

The sport of Pickleball came to St. Thomas in May of 2013. Now, most people are probably asking, ‘What the heck is pickleball?’ Well, it’s the fastest growing racquet sport in North America. It’s a…