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Action and adventure – with arrows!

Nerf Wars, Flight School (an intro to archery) and many activities and games are offered at The Hood Archery Games, which offers unique fun and excitement

Summer is here, and what better way to stay active than playing at The Hood Archery Games! The 5,000 square foot facility is optimized for action, and the air conditioning always keeps people cool.

Have you always wanted to shoot arrows at your friends? Well, now is your chance, as The Hood Archery games provides Archery Wars – an exciting combination of archery and dodgeball with foam-tipped arrows!

Into Nerf? Put your skills to the test in Nerf Wars, the exciting, team-based game. Many game modes are available for both, and they are also perfect for both birthdays and corporate events.

Want to improve your archery abilities? Book a Flight School lesson (an introduction to archery), with guidance from The Hood instructors.

Meanwhile, if you want to take advantage of the summer weather, mobile events can bring the fun to your location! In other words, whether you want to play in the custom arena or outside, The Hood Archery Games will provide you with an experience that you will never forget.


The Hood Archery Games
1116 Dearness Drive #20, London ON


Submitted by The Hood Archery Games