Duct tape to the rescue!

  • Hockey
    The first annual women’s 55+ hockey event
  • Prediction
    Nichols Arena staff and prediction skaters

In the last event of this year’s Senior Winter Games, staff at Nichols Arena saved the day with duct tape when one of the competitors in Prediction Skating discovered her skate blades were separating from the boots. But she was able to complete the 27 laps, and within 19 seconds of her predicted time – it was quite respectable, though not close enough to win.

Prediction events are a great way to involve athletes at different ability levels because speed is not a factor.  Walking, swimming and cycling also have prediction events.

A full schedule of more than 20 events is offered again to Londoners aged 55+; and some of the events have separate categories for competitors aged 65+ or 70+.

The London Senior Games are organized by a volunteer committee with the support of the City of London Recreation department and various retirement homes and clubs around town. For one low fee, you are registered with the Ontario Sr. Games 55+ Association and may participate in as many of the events as you like (extra fees apply for golf and bowling).

The Senior Games offers a chance to compete in your favourite pastime – or to try something new. Either way, you will have a good time and meet new people while exercising your body and brain. If you’d like to help, more volunteers are always welcome. We meet once a month on Monday afternoon at CHOCC.

For more information and registration forms, visit www.londonseniorgames.com. Or call our District Coordinator, Mitch Lupa, at 519-453-1566.


London Senior Games 55+

Summer 2018 Schedule:
Apr 19 – Bocce
Apr 30 – Pickleball Doubles
May 1 – Bid Euchre
May 3 – Mini-Glo Golf
May 4 – 5 Pin Bowling
May 4 – Pickleball Mixed Doubles
May 5 – Snooker
May 7 – Cribbage
May 10 – Shuffleboard
May 14 – 8 Ball
May 15 – Darts
May 16 – Carpet Bowling
May 22 – Prediction Walking
May 25 – Slo-Pitch
May 28 – Euchre
June 5 – Cycling
June 6 – Golf 18 Holes
June 6 – Lawn Bowling
June 8 – Golf 12 Holes
June 9 – Contract Bridge
Jun 12 – Horseshoes
Jun 18 – Tennis Men’s Doubles
Jun 20   Tennis Women’s Doubles
Jun 20 – Tennis Mixed Doubles



By Kim Benke, for London Senior Games