Thank you, Timmies

Everybody has heard of Timbits Hockey. Canadians have all seen the commercials. They’ve seen the jerseys, heard the stories, and maybe have even played in it themselves or know someone who has. But Tim Hortons has an impact on the diamond as well, and the more than 200 t-ball and little sluggers players in the Eager Beaver Baseball Association (EBBA) are all proud to wear a Tim Hortons jersey and timbits hat on Saturdays at Mornington Park.

It’s all thanks to the Timbits Sports baseball program.

There is something special about day one on the field and watching a child receive their first ever baseball jersey at a very young age: The excitement about what number they’ll receive, and what the jersey will look like; The joy when they first receive it; The pure pride they feel when they put their jersey on and immediately show their parents; And the look on a child’s face when they first step on the diamond wearing the same uniform as their teammates and realize they are all one team.

None of this would be possible without Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons has been a strong supporter of the EBBA for many years, and we can never say thank you enough. Without great support from organizations like Tim Hortons, the terrific baseball experience for young players in the EBBA would not be possible.

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What will your child’s baseball memory be this season?

Submitted by Eager Beaver Baseball Association