CheerStrike Saturdays

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If you were to stop in to the Royal Palace of Cheer any night of the week, you would see a gym full of competitive athletes learning and mastering routines for the upcoming season. You would also see many private tumbling lessons happening, where athletes from cheer, gymnastics and dance learn new skills that further themselves in their respective sports.

On a Saturday, though, the CheerStrike gym looks quite different – maybe even unexpected. The Royal Palace is all about variety on Saturdays. We start our day with our very popular parent and tot classes and our kinder cheer and tumble classes. Parents who have enrolled their children in these classes have raved about the skills that their young kids are able to develop quickly, from gymnastics skills to listening and focusing skills.

Also offered on Saturdays are leveled Recreational Cheer classes. Similar to the Competitive Cheer program, your child can move through new levels of skills as they progress, but without the cost and the scheduling demands of competitions.

You’ll also see group tumbling classes on a Saturday at CheerStrike’s facilities. These classes allow children to focus on specific tumbling skills and progress safely to more difficult gymnastics, all without the cost of private tumbling lessons.

Perhaps the best part of our Saturday is when the Dynasty athletes walk through the door. Dynasty is our first ever special needs team, and we feel privileged to offer this free program to these motivated and joyful athletes.

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