The fastest sport on two feet!

Lacrosse is a part of Canadian culture and tradition, and is Canada’s National Summer Sport

Did you know?
On May 12, 1994, the following Bill C-212 received Royal Assent and became law: “To recognize Hockey as Canada’s National Winter Sport and Lacrosse as Canada’s National Summer Sport.”
—Canadian Lacrosse Association, our-sport/history

Lacrosse is an action-packed, fast-paced sport played with ten players per men’s team or twelve on a women’s team. e players use lacrosse sticks to throw a ball to each other, moving up the field to score on a goal on the opposing goalie. Lacrosse is a unique for its combination of speed, skill, agility, grace, teamwork, finesse, and historical significance. Basketball inventor James Naismith called it, “the best of all possible field games.”

They call it the fastest sport on two feet!

You may start out at with your local club from there the possibilities are endless. As lacrosse’s popularity increases so do the opportunities. The opportunities don’t just start as you leave for post-secondary education, you have a chance to start as early as 3 or 4 years of age.

Opportunities are endless with Lacrosse!
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