The kids are alright

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    Sarah leading by example with Sensei Steve
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    Sarah with her dogs, Byron and Jackson

In the digital age it’s easy for kids to have a spoiled attitude. They have access to so much ‘stuff,’ constantly barraging them with distractions and taking away from their focus and creativity. Now, more than ever, we need to truly commit to bettering ourselves by using simple daily discipline. But while it may be easy to just think ‘kids these days are a lost cause,’ doomed to the abyss of social media and YouTube videos, there are actually many champions of the younger generation. And the ‘kids these days’ are not all what you might think.

Meet Sarah. As a young 8-year-old, she has remarkable attendance at the dojo, comes to other classes to help younger students, and participates in all extracurricular karate classes. Sarah constantly demonstrates exemplary behaviour, and we are proud to have her helping sensei with classes. She has participated in past tournaments and won many medals. Although not the biggest competitor in stature, she is definitely the biggest in sportsmanship and smiles.

Sarah will be joining us this summer for our summer day camp, where she will continue to practice her karate – and her awesome push-ups that she’s known for! Beyond karate, Sarah loves the outdoors and camping with her family. She loves her dogs Byron and Jackson, a Vizsla and German Shorthaired Pointer. Her favourite color is gold, which is fitting for someone who shines in everything that she does. Keep up the great work, Sarah!

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