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Training V-ballers

BodyWorx has been busy this summer training beach volleyball (and indoor) athletes, through beach clinics on the court and strength and conditioning sessions in the gym

Summer is ramping up, and with 3 tournaments already under their belts, BodyWorx beach volleyball athletes are well into their season.

We’re running beach clinics Tuesdays and Thursdays on the beaches, and holding ‘in-gym’ sessions for strength and conditioning Monday and Wednesdays. We tailor the intensity depending on recent or upcoming events and the condition of the athletes as the season progresses.

What you can be sure of is reaching greater heights, increasing verticals, speed improvement for lateral movement and quick decisions in gameplay, and overall strength and power. Whether you’re a court or beach player (or both), training off and on season is beneficial. Our programs are group-based, but with small enough sizes to be able to challenge each athlete for maximum results.

On the beach, we’re training strategy, core fundamentals and mental acuity. This is a game of twos, after all … only you and your partner to rely on. The mental part of the game is one of the most important – and maybe most under recognized – aspect of the sport. While actual volleyball skills are keyed on, developed and improved, the mental game and partnerships are also worked on in each and every practice. Even in the gym!

For our indoor players, there’s nothing better than a little cross training. Defensive skills (passing, reading, transitioning) are among some of the skills developed. From a physical training perspective, the uneven and challenging nature of sand alone trains for stronger ankles, knees, hips and, ultimately, vertical!

Join us for our summer sessions starting in July!


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By Tania Admans for BodyWorx