The first goal is fun

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    Timbits coaches
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    The London Volleyball Club is all about teaching the great game of volleyball to youngsters and preparing them for success – on and off the court
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    Timbits Volleyball, a learn-to-play program, teaches the game to boys and girls aged 4 to 9 in a fun environment!

LVC Timbits Volleyball!

LVC’s Timbits Volleyball is a learn-to-play volleyball program for girls and boys aged 4-9. This grassroots volleyball program is the first step in a player’s volleyball career, with an emphasis on the FUNdamentals of the game, stressing the importance of FUN in a non-competitive environment.

Young athletes who participate in Timbits will learn the basics of volleyball: overhead and forearm passing, hitting, serving, and basic team movement, all while improving the basic ABC’s of sport (agility, balance, co-ordination).

At Timbits Volleyball, the game environment is modified to increase early success. No previous volleyball experience is necessary!

All sessions are at Saunders Secondary School.

LVC’s Feed the Fire!

Feed The Fire is our preparatory development program that gets young athletes ready for competitive volleyball! It’s an 8-week program that runs in three seasons: Fall, Winter and Summer!

Feed the Fire is designed for boys and girls aged 9-14.

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Submitted by the London Volleyball Club