Mixed Martial Arts

Young inspiration

Austin Davies has experienced significant development at the dojo since he joined as a Little Dragon (4-6 years old) in September 2015. Today, he’s a green belt in Olympic Karate’s advanced children’s class.

When you spend most of your life as a martial arts instructor, you get to work with tens of thousands of young people. You help them to develop as citizens, scholars, and capable martial artists.

One such youngster, Austin Davies, started with us at Olympic Karate as a Little Dragon (4 to 6 years old) in September 2015. When Austin first started training, he didn’t have a ton of confidence. But he was a good listener, and he was a hard worker. Austin was determined to be successful, setting goals to become a black belt and a good fighter.

Austin is now a green belt in our advanced children’s class; he is still a hard worker and has also become a good fighter in our sparring classes. He is aggressive, but still has good defensive skills. He is learning when to attack and when to counterattack. In other words, he is learning to move and think like a fighter.

We are proud of the work and commitment that Austin has put into his training, and we look forward to one day seeing his name on our list of black belts!



Submitted by Olympic Karate